Vi-1 High Definition
Outside Broadcast Vehicle

We provide first-rate service for capturing and broadcasting a variety of events, such as sports matches, concerts, festivals and academic events.

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The needs of outdoor productions have shifted dramatically over the last few decades. This has a direct impact on OB trucks, which are now mini studios on wheels that are fully equipped with TV production hardware and can accommodate the entire crew. OB trucks are frequently used for live television production, all audio, video, special effects, graphics, and commentary must be properly recorded, processed, and distributed.

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The Team

The company can provide a complete technical and production team. It consists of a Main video engineer, an audio engineer and the necessary number of audio and video assistants (riggers).

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Rigid Truck

VI-1 is an HD, full size, single expanding unit that can cater for 14 cabled cameras along with multiple radio cameras. The unit is ideal for city centre working, music and events coverage, news broadcasts and sports events.
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Power and Electricity

In the event of a power outage, the truck has its own UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with a 15-minute autonomy.

Explore the inside of our rigid truck, as well as the audio and video equipment and our most recent projects!

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Vi-1 Rigid Truck

Coachwork designed by Akkermans Carroserie

Examine the outside and full specifications of the VI-1 OB truck, which features bespoke coachwork from one of the greatest coaching (Vehicle Customization & Modification) businesses.

Bespoke solution for a wide range of uses

Check out the full equipment specifications for both audio and video, We offer a variety of cameras, lenses, and other accessories.

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Audio and Video
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We participate in various types of events

External broadcasts and transmissions are utilized for a variety of activities that do not take place in a studio and, as a result, necessitate the employment of a mobile radio/television studio or control room

With our base in Serbia, our services are also offered in the countries indicated below.

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